About Caffè Cataldi


Stéphane Cataldi was born in Mulhouse, France, of Italian parents. Italy was ever present at home, in the language and in the kitchen, his mother's great love. And each summer, when they returned home, they stocked up on sunny drenched products. The search for the best, truest, most authentic taste, despite modest means, was a family tradition. Moreover, Massimo, Stéphane's elder brother, made this his profession in becoming a chef.


As a computer enthusiast, Stéphane followed the path of many start-ups and settled in Paris. But he returned every summer to Italy, where he would find not only friendly roots but also unique tastes. In particular, the espresso that crowned the end of a good family meal, the little creamy "caffè" in bars, which was just as delicious in the centre of Roma, as under the arches of Tolentino, and which he dreamt of taking back home with him to France.


For a while, he search for it in Paris, from the best restaurants, to the more typical bistros, but never found it. He was forced to admit: Italian "caffè" culture had not crossed the border. Therefore, the only way to get it, was to make it himself. He found some information on the Internet, equipped himself with an espresso machine, then a small table-top roaster... it was full of complications at every level. The coffee was only available abroad, on the Internet. When he wanted to buy green beans from the few roasters he found in Paris, they looked at him strangely before selling it to him for the same price as roasted coffee.


Through roasting his own coffee, and consuming it shortly afterwards, he discovered that the result on every level, from body to aromas, was simply incomparable to even a coffee  which had only been waiting for two weeks to be drunk. The differences occured extremely fast. Thus, freshness became an essential element in ensuring a good espresso. Then he discovered the great variety of origins and their distinct flavors. It was an exciting, endless quest.


The desire to allow other coffee lovers to discover the unmatched intensity of a "freshly roasted" coffee haunted him for years. But it was not until 2009, and the result of a professional turning point, that he changed direction and created the roastery of his dreams, "Caffè Cataldi", based on freshness, on bespoke, and high quality origins.

All ingredients which are necessary for a true cup of coffee.